Black Copper Marans

The Marans breed is most well known for their large dark russet colored "chocolate" egg color.  They lay the darkest eggs in color of any breed of chicken.  The Black Copper Marans often lay the darkest egg color of the different marans color varieties. 

The Marans breed originated in France in the historic port town of Marans.  Their breed standard was developed in 1931 in France.  While this breed has been imported into the United States for many years now, their admission into the American Poultry Association is fairly new in the past decade.  Many people in the United States refer to their Marans as "French Marans" but that is a misnomer as only the chickens directly imported from France should be labeled as such.  

We breed our marans with equal priority towards the standard of perfection which is based on confirmation of the parent birds and egg color. We also select for temperament to insure we are reproducing offspring with friendly personalities. 

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